About this Project
The ICGC Linked Data Portal is not an official data portal of ICGC Project. We are obtaining a part of ICGC data from ICGC Data Portal and converting it into RDF model for more efficient data distribution and integration. Those RDF datasets are generated according to the data model, icgc.owl, and available at Data Repository.

Also, to demonstrate how semantic web applications can work, we are implementing Advanced Search function. Our aim is to show the cancer genome data in RDF model can be easily integrated with other linked data so that we can immediately design useful semantic web applications.
Data Release
Only a part of donor data is loaded for the current trial. The pie chart below shows the donor distribution by projects.
For Developers
Data conversion methods and data schema are described below. All codes of this project are publicly available at the following GitHub repositories.

This portal also uses the following datasets from public data sources.

  • HGNC (hgnc_complete_set.nq.gz)
  • Reactome (Homo_sapiens.owl)

Show data conversion methods and data schema.
Project Overview
Data Model